Sunday, September 29, 2019

M5.5 Campaign for Tap Water

Greeting readers!

I want to talk about campaigning against bottle water and being for TAP WATER! Yes I said it. TAP WATER!

Don't believe me? Start by watching this video. Once you're finished come back so we can talk about it.
Ok, now that you are done, what do you think? IS bottled water a big scam? What are some alternatives to bottled water. 
We have tap water, we have tap water with filter and we have carbonated water or soda stream for us that love our sparkling water. 
When thinking about a slogan for a water campaign these are the two I came up with:
"Leave big box behind and choose the planet, drink pure and plastic free, drink tap water!" and 
"Save money and save the planet, choose tap over bottled water".

Comment and let me know what you think and also give me some ideas for what your slogan will be.


  1. I love the slogan, "leave big box behind and choose the planet, drink pure and plastic free, drink tap water!" I think it is really cool that you are forcing readers to make a choice between plastic/big companies and the planet. When you phrase it like that, it seems very clear what our choice should be and its easy to make it! It is so important that more people hear the message that tap water is best and bottled water does more harm than good in so many ways and is a total scam. I also like your second slogan idea because let's face it, money is a huge motivator and incentive for all of us! Who can say no to saving money, being healthier, and saving the planet? I think these slogans would convince anyone to switch to tap water and stop using bottled water. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

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