Sunday, October 6, 2019

7.4 Local Environmental Services

My local health department is Alameda County.
Alameda has both a Public Health Department (ACPHD) and an Environmental Health Department (ACEH).The ACPHD ( offers a variety of programs and services aiming to build a healthier and safer community while engaging participation from residents to stay active in the process. I really like how one of the programs they offer has to do with voting and also a key program called the Urban Male Health Initiative that strives to improve the "health outcomes for men disproportionately impacted by prostate and testicular cancers, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, depression, suicide, and diabetes."

On the ACEH website ( similarly to the ACPHD website, there are a variety of programs and services surrounding the safety and overall well-being of the enivorment that Alameda county residents are living in. One interesting service that stood out to me is their "health nail salon" recognition tab. I think its great that they are regulating and monitoring services that omit a certain level of hazard, but I wonder why there isn't a specific service that regulates vehicle or transportation pollution.

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