Sunday, September 1, 2019

M2.3 Household Products

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers,

In this blog post, I will be reviewing some of my favorite household products and their potential environmental harm factor.

First up we have:

Glade Room Spray in white cotton. I absolutely enjoy the first crispness of white cotton so when they bottled it and sold it, I was stoked. Unfortunately , this product has a rating of 1 which means SLIGHT RISK for ACUTE EXPOSURES. 1 of course is better than 2-4, but it is still alarming. Which brings me to my other product.

 Febreze 2-wick candles (Pine is the best scent 😍) fortunately doesn't have a negative rating pertaining to acute exposures so that makes me feel like going out and buying a few more candles. Overall, Febreze might not be the most high quality candle, as far as ingredients, but the limited negative effect on the environment will keep me as a customer.

I scored 5/5 on MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE quiz because although I was raised to use bleach and other harsh chemicals to clean, I feel that I've gained a lot of knowledge about products over the years and the information has stuck a bit.

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  1. I love the febreeze 2-wick candles as well and am really happy to see that they do not have a negative rating. It is really difficult to decipher which products are healthy and which are dangerous because of misleading product labeling. They purposefully try to confuse us and obfuscate the truth. We must advocate for the government to better regulate product labeling and force them to be more honest about their potential harms to use and the environment.


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