Sunday, September 8, 2019

M3.1 Biomonitoring

I received some news that I wasn't happy to receive. Today I received some laboratory results from a body burden test and found out that I have levels of the chemicals listed in the picture at levels that aren't "safe" to the body. These results leave me with a lot of questions and has me wondering why I have these various chemicals in my. body to begin with. It also leads me to believe that I am not protected by the government or any of the corporations that product these chemicals. It also leads me to wonder if I work in an environment that has these chemicals at a staggering rate. According to the CDC, phthalates are in a lot of products that we use on a daily basis, like soaps, shampoos, hair sprays, and nail polishes. Receiving results such as these is the large push I need in order to check the chemicals that I'm using and to switch to products that don't contain chemicals such as these.

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  1. It is really frightening to realize we are not protected by the government from these chemicals and toxins that are known to cause us harm. It is really sad that they are willing to put manufacturing companies' interests and profits ahead of our quality of life and health. It is also scary to realize that there is not much we can do on an individual level. But I agree with you that we should do whatever we can that is in our power to avoid exposing ourselves further by choosing products that are healthier. We must also speak out and take collective action to push the government to better regulate these industries and do their job to protect our collective health and wellbeing.


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